OS-Veldahar is developed by two experienced developers, Abnant and Jason. They are known for their work on Rune-Server and are very experienced with java. They both owned previous servers that were really successful.

Equillium Edit

Equillium was an economy server back in late 2013 which was owned by Abnant. The server hit a maximum of 90 players, and then soon died due to infamous bugs and corrupt staff.


OS-Prime Edit

OS-Prime was an economy server owned back Abnant early 2014. The server hit a daily player base at about 95, for a good couple of months. Abnant hired Jason to help work out on the server. Jason brought in many players and did many great things for Abnant, and they are a great team.


OS-PvP Edit

OS-PvP was an PvP/Eco server back in late 2014. It hit a maximum of players at around 180, and strived to be the best spawn/pk server for a good couple of months. It was one of the most known servers for it's PKing and they have improved the combat an insane amount. It's grown to be what people love and still is. It's considered the best OSRS PK server with FULL OSRS bounty hunter.

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